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The user is authorised to temporarily download a single copy of the materials from the Mathura Sainik (P)School's website for personal, non-commercial, and transitory viewing purposes. This document constitutes the granting of a licence rather than a transfer of ownership, and pursuant to this licence, you are prohibited from:

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  • The objective is to identify and mitigate instances of fraudulent activities.
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This will let Mathura Sainik (P)School to terminate upon violations of any of these restrictions. Upon termination, your viewing right will also be terminated and you should destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether it is printed or electronic format.


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Revisions and Errata

The Mathura Sainik School's Website may contain technical, typographical, or photographic errors in its materials. Mathura Sainik School cannot guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness, or currency of any of the materials presented on this Website. Mathura Sainik School reserves the right to modify the content on its Website without prior notification. Mathura Sainik School does not provide any assurance on the regular updating of the educational resources.


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Site Terms of Use Modifications

The Terms of Use for the Mathura Sainik School website are subject to potential revision by the school administration without previous notification. By utilising this online platform, you are consenting to be legally obligated by the most up-to-date edition of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

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The section on governing law pertains to the legal principles and regulations that will be applied to resolve any disputes or conflicts arising from the agreement. The laws of the jurisdiction in which Mathura Sainik School's Website operates shall govern any claim pertaining to it, without consideration for its conflict of law provisions.